Improve your company digital strategy with content and visual designs that communicate your brands message effectively.

Customer trends over the past few years have shifted to a point where we now understand that brands that implement an effective company digital strategy are the ones whom are able to consistently increase product sales and loyalty. Consumers now require that brands, regardless of the product or service they are providing have a support mechanism in place so they may engage directly with the brand and it’s receptive target audience. They want to be able to ask technical questions  and have the ability to cross reference the company’s response to how other customers found its usefulness.

Recently we conducted our own A/B Split Tests, and we found several key features brands should consider implementing into their website in order to increase their customers happiness. The greatest return on investment are the following.

  • Blog / News Section
  • Downloads Page: Brand Assets, Product Manuals, Photos, etc
  • Knowledge Base: Technical support allow multiple users to comment on responses
  • Video Tour

More important than anything else, a company website should drive sales leads from it’s presence. Your content and design should convey your brands purpose, your contact information should be visible, preferably at the top of your homepage. SEO is another critical factor of website design. Search engines analyze your websites content from top to bottom, left to right in order to index and rank it against your competitors. The key to improving your standing is learning to leverage different features that make users what to visit your company website.