Strategic Consulting Services

Impacting Industry & Political Position From Behind The Scenes

Providing Strategic Consulting Services in every industry, we provide consulting solutions which increases business operational capacity and efficiency through proven pragmatic approaches that directly enable performance, profitability, and operational excellence. Our strategic consultants bring industry insights from all sectors to help clients make business decisions that allow them to understand the risk and implications of every decision.

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Strategy Consulting Capabilities

Acquisitions and Mergers

NM Creative Agency helps clients increase their odds of successful purchases through proven acquisition approaches that bridge research, strategy, diligence, and models that predict target outcomes.

Contract Procurement

Simplify the challenges of securing contracts by working with our team of experienced consultants who understand how to navigate private and public sector contract procurement.

Advocacy and Grassroots

Influencing clients target audience understanding of socioeconomic issues, we represent organizations whom wish to better articulate and connect with cross-generational activist through support.

Public Relations

Our PR team leverages firms full-service capabilities to thrust our clients into the limelight through earned media advertising, digital syndication, social media, event management, and influencer endorsements. 2.svg

Project Management

Helping organizations improve business performance and delivery of projects, our PM Solutions streamline with your processes to plan, manage, and optimize sensitive projects facing budget constraints.

Crisis Management

Prevention, monitoring, and real-time response make are the primary crisis management services and solutions we employ 24/7 to counter events that threaten an organizations reputation.